Painless Home Use 3 in 1 Wave Portable Mini Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Painless Home Use 3 in 1 Wave Portable Mini Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

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Brand Name: Cosmedplus
Laser hair removal is the “gold standard” technology for unwanted/excessive hair removal. Clinically proven, laser technology for permanent hair reduction has yet to achieve good safety and efficacy. The laser energy heats up hair follicles to a sufficient temperature for hair removal. At the same time, it delivers a minimal amount of thermal energy to the epidermis.

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Technology Diode laser hair removal
Wavelength 808nm / 808nm 755nm 1064nm
Use lifetime USA coherent laser module,no limited for emit light
Laser power & Energy 100W handle 40J / 150W handle 70J
Spot size 100W, 10*12MM / 150W, 10*12MM
Refrigerating system Air cooling and Japanese TEC refrigeration
Screen 4.3 inch color touch screen
Frequency 1-3HZ
Voltage 110V / 220V
Package size 35*25*26 CM / 4KG
Warranty period 1 year
Serve 24 hours online service, guide the machine to use, solve problems
Number of treatment 3-5sessions
Treatment areas can be used for face and whole body
Skin type and hair type suitable for any kinds of skin and any type of hair
Skin trauma the absorption by melanin and penetration depth are most proper, depilation effect is excellent

Our Advantage

1. Wavelength:808nm / 755nm 808nm and 1064nm (we are the exclusive manufacturer in China for producing 3 wavelength home use diode laser).
2. laser cooling system:forced air cooling (The best cooling system support machine longer time working , for home use diode laser, our machine cooling is the best).
3. spot size:12mm*9mm bigger spot size fasten the treatment speed and save your time.
4. laser power: 100W/150W laser power to choose , strong energy to remove hair perfect.
5. display interface: 4.3inch big colorful screen.
6. Using the American Coherent module (COHERENT) inside our machine , the lifetime is unlimited (most home use IPL hair removal machines lifetime are only 300,000 times).
7. safety : Using buit-in skin sensor, our machine will emit a laser light only when the treatment window touches the skin.

Each Cosmedplus machine comes with a marketing plan to attract new customers, which will accelerate the return on your investment in the machine. choose Cosmedplus, what you get is more than just a machine.



CM02D,It's our model name. home use diode laser hair removal machine is mainly for professional hair removal. It has 100W and 150W.

It combines 3 different wavelength (808nm+1064nm+755nm) into a single handpiece,which simultaneously work in the different depth of hair follicle to achieve better efficacy and ensure the safes and comprehensive hair removal treatment.

808nm: Golden standard wavelength for all hair types

755nm: Specific effective for blonde hair , fine hair

1064nm: Specific effective for dark, tanned skin


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