Newest 12 Lines 4D HIFU Face And Body Wrinkle Removal Skin Lifting Machine

Newest 12 Lines 4D HIFU Face And Body Wrinkle Removal Skin Lifting Machine

Short Description:

Non-Surgical skin lifting has become one of the most sought after treatments and HIFU is the latest non-surgical technology to excel in this area in just one single session!
It targets individually Brow lifting, Jowl line lifting, Nasolabial fold reduction, Periorbital wrinkle reduction and overall Skin tightening, rejuvenation and whole body slimming.

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Treatment Cartridge Principle & Application
4D Hifu 1.5mm Energy reaches directly to the dermis layer, making the fibrous tissue densely arranged to make the skin smooth and delicate.
4D Hifu 3.0mm Energy directly to the skin subcutaneous tissue accelerates the activity of cell, regenerating collagen to increase skinelasticity and firm skin.
4D Hifu 4.5mm Energy directly reaches the fascia layer to thermally coagulate the fascia layer, which tightens and lifts the fascia layer tosuspend the skin.
Vagina probe 3.0mm Energy goes directly to submucosal tissue to accelerate cell activity, regenerate collagen, increase mucosal elasticity and
tighten vaginal muscles.
Vagina probe 4.5mm The energy goes directly to the fascia layer, which makes the fascia layer heat coagulate to improve the muscle structure.
Vagina testing tube Using the principle of airbag manometry to detect vaginal relaxation.

Fat Removal

Apply high intensity focused ultrasound, generate focused energy and go deeoer into the cellulite to break cellulite. it is an invasive, impressive and long- last effective tratement to reduce fat, especially for abdomen and thigh.

High intensity focused ultrasound target at fat of 13mm(depth of penetration), heating up the fat tissue, combine with high energy and good penetration to resolve the fat, during the treatment, the triglyceride and fatty acid excrete by the process of metabolism, and the vessal and nurve will not be damaged.


Advantage of Hifu Machine

1. It can save a lot of treatment time and shots in the treatment compares with Classic HIFU. Save shots, save time, save money
2. It has three different working heads for different operational areas:
-3.0mm is for the dermis layer
-4.5mm is for the SMAS layer
-6.0mm/8mm/10mm13mm/16mm for body fat layer
3. It's totally non-invasive and safe.
4. The effect will be shown after the operation, while the best effect will be seen after two months. It can be lasted for 2-3 years.



1. Warranty Period:
Unless otherwise stated specifically by the company, the following periods apply:
Duration of Control Unit: 24 months
Duration of Accessories Parts: 3 months
During the warranty, all the parts are free.

2. Online Technical Support
We provide technical materials about the products, such as product manuals, configuration guides, networking cases, and maintenance experiences. After obtaining website access permissions, you can download documents, get up-to-date information about maintenance experiences and skills, and learn about the latest products.

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